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June 10-12, 2016

Iona College

New Rochelle,

New York

Our Mission

A mission statement from the initiator of the conference...


"My concept for the 21st Century Children's Nonfiction Conference is to raise the profile of Nonfiction: to show it can be as creative as Fiction; to highlight changes in the industry; and to help agents and freelance writers and illustrators make connections with commissioning editors and art directors.


I hope the conference also provides a meeting place and forum for publishers, book packagers, development houses, and digital developers to exchange ideas and establish new business models and ways of delivering Nonfiction that excites and educates a young audience. This is also a place for teachers, librarians, publishers, and writers to explore how Nonfiction print and digital products are created and can be used in creative and inventive ways as part of the Common Core.


Above all, I wish to establish a unique conference that provides opportunities to find work, build business connections, and to use one's skills and creativity to create great Nonfiction products for children."


     - Lionel Bender, Initiator of the 21st Century Children's Nonfiction Conference

About Children's Nonfiction and 21CNFC


  1. The Common Core, Next Generation Science, and 3C Standards have put an emphasis on Nonfiction like never before. At higher levels of education, children are expected to read more Nonfiction than Fiction.
  2. Nonfiction is more popular than ever before, with several major children's book awards allowing Nonfiction entries and choosing Nonfiction winners. There is an increasing number of Nonfiction-only awards.
  3. It is easier for authors, editors, designers, and illustrators, to find work and to get published in Nonfiction than in Fiction.
  4. The revolution in digital publishing is about to transform Nonfiction. "Transmedia" and "Gamification" are the ways to go.
  5. Nonfiction is key to literacy, learning, and adult life. Teachers and librarians are provided with a growing range of print and digital nonfiction products and ways to use them to excite and educate children.
  6. Kindle Kids' Book Creator and Apple iBooks Author are free software packages made for authors, designers, illustrators, and other content creators to develop and publish Nonfiction products.
  7. Self-publishing is the perfect solution for niche Nonfiction publishing.
  8. An increasing number of Nonfiction publishers are working with book packagers, development houses, and digital developers to source content, develop digital products, and reach new markets.
  9. Skills and expertise in Nonfiction are highly transferable to Fiction.
  10. This is the first-ever conference devoted specifically to children's Nonfiction and to finding opportunities for work, setting up your own businesses, and getting published in the children's publishing industry.
  11. The conference offers publishers opportunities to network and share experiences with one another and with authors and illustrators, librarians and teachers, creative houses, and digital developers.
  12. There are opportunities, rarely possible at other publishing events, for all attendees to organize their own discussion groups and to establish working relationships.
  13. The conference is planned, professionally organized, and presented by people who have successful careers in children's nonfiction publishing and who are dedicated to transferring their knowledge of the industry to those who will carry it through the 21st Century.

Supporting Sponsors

Conference initiated by Lionel Bender of BRW, producers of children's illustrated nonfiction for international publishers;

co-chaired by author/editor Sally Isaacs; and powered by Star Consulting, Inc., producers of top-calibre conferences and events.  •  •