How To Tell Your Partner Is Ready For Chastity Piercing?

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In many SadoMaso stories and myths, it is reported that the rings on the labia are used to seal the women, thus to ensure chastity. In fact, today there are special locks that can be inserted directly through the branch channel to close the wearer, this for fun, but also really serious depending on the customer. There are few customers who are really chastised by these piercings 24/7! Chastity and piercing are incredible choice for them.

Similar to the earlobes, you can expand the inner labia. The skin of the labia is well suited for this and can be enlarged very quickly.There is no real chastity piercing, but you can close the spot in question with certain types of piercing and jewelry.Similar to a chastity belt, you can close the wearer by arranging various piercings or tunnels.

Many customers use the existing piercings and lead through these a castle, etc., others can piercings pierce specifically for this purpose.Another possibility is recently in specially made for the intimate area locks, which one introduces instead of a piercing through the piercing holes directly through the skin.So it is impossible to remove the lock indirectly.

These locks are of course not from the hardware store, but are made on customer request and have no corners or edges; so you can wear them comfortably.


As jewelry you can either use titanium rings or use correspondingly large tunnels. But you have to stretch the latter first. The intimate / chastity locks are also made of specially coated materials; they can also be engraved.

Intimate locks or chastity lock:

The right lock or intimate lock or chastity lock is the key to chastity. The locks are specially designed for this and we have them in all variants. So there are curved bars, in various lengths and shapes and wide.

Yes, after piercing combination expert adjust the lock and then insert it then with the keys. Can then remove the lock completely, so the bracket of the lock, which makes easy insertion against possible. Nevertheless, women can urinate themselves hygienically. But the vagina is blocked you cannot introduce anything and also not reach the clitoris to stimulate them. The lock is fraud proof, you cannot remove it without destroying it, of course you see it immediately, the keys are specially made and you will not find them anywhere else to buy. Thus, the chaste held secretly cannot secretly buy keys or open it with a barrette, etc. The chastity locks are without nickel and have special round edges, they do not rust, do not stain and are available in gold or silver colors at extra cost you can even engrave them individually. The engraving costs extra and takes about 2 weeks delivery time.The intimate locks cost from 100$ to about 150$ without engraving.

You will not find these locks in the hardware store or sex shop, but probably only exclusively in our studio. Depending on the piercings we have the right model or adjust the piercings at the stinging the desired model for chastity.


The healing can be looked up here at the appropriate piercings that make up the chastity piercing.Until you can wear the chastity piercing permanently, the respective piercings that make it up should be well healed.

The healing process of an intimate piercing varies from 2 weeks to 6 months until complete healing, rarely longer. Like other piercings, it should be cleansed twice a day with spray for at least the first 3 weeks and then painted with gel. It is important to touch the pierced area as well as the piercing only with washed and disinfected hands. With the right care and the right care products can be counteracted the rarely occurring at Piercing wild growth also called wild meat.Disinfectants based on alcohol or chlorine should be avoided.


A chastity belt is uncomfortable, unhygienic and expensive. The idea comes from the SM scene, but is more and more also practiced by couples in normal interaction.

Chastity belts are a common sex toy in today’s sex relationships. Especially in the SM and BDSM scene, such a belt, used in, or before or after lovemaking, emphasizes the relationship situation in roleplay, quasi the surrender of his sexuality, the submission of his desire needs under the authority of the top, the role as bottom. The chastity belt is a sex toy for the prelude to unification.

What is a chastity belt?

In general, a chastity belt is a piece of equipment, mostly made of leather or, in our day, of stainless steel. The device is designed to prevent sexual intercourse or masturbation from taking place. This works because the genitals are not accessible through the belt. The general idea that the chastity belt would have been an instrument of the crusaders to protect their women from fornication during their long absence   can be ruled out for reasons of hygiene. The chastity belt has always been more toys.

Therapeutic instrument

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Painful Source of Pleasure

The penis is inserted into the cock cage ring, the device then closed with a key, which gets the mistress. An erection is therefore no longer possible. The result: Blood builds up in the penis, which can lead to pain. Stand on it, the Cock Cage is a real source of pleasure. Importantly: Agree with her on a codeword, which is used when your little friend longs for freedom.

Chastity Belt for Men: Quality Differences

Similar to sex toys for women, the Cock Cage is also processed and the material is decisive for comfort. So some cheap belts  available at lockthecock, are made of pure metal and pose with sharp edges a risk of injury. Less risky are the versions made of plastic, which feel comfortable and cause no surprising pain. For the faint-hearted, the chastity belt for men may not be the right sex toy. Because if something skin comes between the basket and the cock cage ring, it means biting teeth together or screaming loud – albeit not with pleasure.

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