A Guide to Chastity Piercing

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Chastity is an important part of the power play, and there are many toys that will help you enjoy it. Power play can even be done online through live shows with a dom cam girl.

Those who are looking for something more can always try one of the chastity piercing techniques that will add something different and unique to their sex life. 

What Is a Chastity Piercing?

Chastity piercings are a specific type of body piercings designed to prevent the wearer from any type of sexual activity. Naturally, there are body piercings for both males and females available. These chastity devices are rather popular in the BDSM community since they are an excellent way to control someone’s pleasure. 

One of the most common and well-known types of piercings for the genital area is the Prince Albert piercing. The PA looks like a simple ring, and it is usually on the underside of the glans. There is also a reverse Prince Albert that goes through the urethra and exits through the hole on the glans. There are also several other ways you can approach chastity if you are a penis owner. Firstly, a frenulum piercing is sometimes part of the PA, although many choose to avoid piercing the nerve bundle on the frenulum. 

In the context of chastity, Prince Albert is replaced with a padlock or some other type of locking mechanism that serves to prevent sexual intercourse. Furthermore, a person can pierce their foreskin or get a guiche piercing that prevents an erection. 

However, males are not the only ones that can get piercings to enjoy chastity. Those who have a vagina can use a ring to hold the labia closed. This is one of the most popular female chastity piercings. 

You can also get a clit shield that prevents the clitoral stimulation of the wearer. These shields are rigid, and they can cover the clitoris using labial piercings. In essence, clit shields are clitoral metal hoods that should prevent direct stimulation. 

Even though both female and male chastity are possible without piercings, there are many who enjoy genital jewelry. For them, this might be a dream come true.

Sissies who do cam shows might also find chastity piercings as an exciting addition to their live shows, provided they’re done safely.

Chastity Piercing for BDSM/Orgasm Denial

One of the areas where genital piercings shine is orgasm denial. The idea behind denial is to refrain from any type of sexual experience in order to increase arousal or tension. Of course, in BDSM, denial can often be part of a punishment or training in dominant/submissive relationships. Sexual denial can bring a sense of dominance, and it is one of the most common practices in the power play. 

Tease and denial often include one person teasing their partner without allowing them to have a release. Naturally, if they are wearing a chastity device or a piercing, they won’t be able to edge them or give them pleasure in any way. 

With orgasm control, the bottom person will hand over the control of their pleasure, satisfaction, and orgasm. The dominant person is usually a keyholder, and they will dictate when their partner can have intercourse or even an orgasm. This makes chastity piercings a perfect tool for the power play. 

Chastity Cage vs. Penis Plug

If you are wondering whether to choose a chastity cage or a penis plug, you should know that these toys are quite different. They are different in nature, purpose, and use. Chastity cages are designed to lock one’s private parts and prevent any type of satisfaction and stimulation. 

Penis plugs, on the other hand, are used specifically for pleasure. These toys are opposite in nature — at least in theory. Chastity cages still provide pleasure to the wearer since they enjoy handing over control of their body and giving away satisfaction and sexual pleasure. 

Plugs are toys that are designed to enter the male urethra, and they come in various shapes and sizes. Using these tools can be tricky, and you should be extra careful if you are trying something like this on your own. 

Interestingly, there is a connection between these two toys even though they seem unrelated. There are many chastity or cock cages available on the market that come with a plug as well. This way, you can get the best of both worlds and put a plug in your urethra while locking yourself up. 

So if you are a fan of sounding — which is a process of inserting a tiny rod into the urethra — and you enjoy being locked up, these toys might be the perfect thing for you. 

How to Maintain Proper Hygiene When Wearing a Chastity Piercing

As with any other type of sex toys, hygiene is vital. With proper care, you won’t have to worry about adverse effects. You can enjoy using these either alone or with a partner. 

There are two parts to keeping everything hygienic and safe. You need to clean the toy and the area where the toy will go. Moreover, you have to ensure that materials used to create the toy are body-safe and that there won’t be any unwanted consequences of long-term wear. 

You’ve probably heard that some people stay in chastity for a month or even longer. It’s still essential that you remove it at least twice a week to clean both yourself and the toy. 

If you’ve just recently pierced your private parts, be sure to give them enough time to heal properly. Piercing holes can take a couple of weeks to heal. This means you should avoid using cock cages and other toys until you’re ready. 

Moreover, you should clean each piercing regularly using Q tips, cotton swabs, or soapy water. You will also need to repeat the process after every unlocking to ensure that everything is safe for your health. We also encourage you to purchase premium-quality cock cages and lockthecock store is what our team recommends. Finally, be sure to keep an eye on the piercing hole to see if there are any signs of infection. This is especially important if you are new to the world of piercings. 


Genital piercings are something many people enjoy. You can also combine them with chastity devices. Chastity piercings are available for males and females alike. If you have a penis, there are ways to use a locking system on your frenulum, foreskin, or glans. Vagina owners, on the other hand, can use locking devices to keep labia closed or pick one that will cover the clitoris to prevent any type of stimulation.

If you are interested in doing cam shows as a sissy with chastity piercings, this article tells you what tools you need for a successful live show.

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