Setting up the Camming Room / Camming Area for Cam Girls

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How can you set up a camming room if you plan on becoming a cam girl? There are a couple of things you need to consider. Here, we will go through some of the necessary steps that will help you make an incredible show.

How to Set Up the Camming Room

If you have decided to start camming — good for you! However, before you join a camming site, there are a couple of things you need to do. Firstly, you need to get the necessary equipment. We all know that top models have 4K cameras, and quality is rather important.

We have become spoiled in the last couple of years, and most people can’t imagine watching a movie with VHS or even DVD quality. It’s all about Blu-ray and HD today, so you’ll need good equipment. Once you have everything ready, it’s always a good idea to have a separate room for your webcam shows. Here, we will go through some of the tricks you need to consider when setting up the cam space.

Camming Room vs. Bedroom

One of the first choices webcam models make is whether to make a camming room out of their bedroom. Now, if you have a spare room that you can transform into the camming area, that is the right way to go. You want to keep the space separate from your everyday life if possible.

It’s also easier for the room decor since you can add all kinds of kinky items you wouldn’t normally keep in your bedroom. Needless to say, having a spare room is not something everyone can afford, and if you can’t use another room, then the bedroom will do just as well.

Lighting: Natural Light vs. 3-Point Lighting System

Natural light is great. It looks amazing, and it makes everything seem… well, more natural. However, it only works during the day. Not every cam model is willing to have a show during the day, and people have different schedules and live in different time zones.

This means that you might want to consider the alternative. Since most models go live at night, a 3-point lighting system is a perfect choice. What is the 3-point lighting? It is a method used in visual media, and it’s common in theatres, movies, photography, and camming.

You will need three sources of light. The first one is known as the key light, and it’s placed in front of you near the camera. The second light or the fill light is placed on the side, and it will eliminate the shadows and make you appear more natural. Finally, the third light or the back light is placed behind you, but outside of the frame, so the camera doesn’t record it.

The three lights form a triangle, and it is rather simple to arrange them. Just remember that the back light is out of frame, and the key and fill light are on the sides of the camera, so they don’t blast in your face.

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Storage and Organization: Drawers and Closet

The next step on the list is storage. It is possible that you will use sex toys during your show, and you need to have proper storage for them. Now, storage is important for anyone who owns a sex toy, and it’s not something that applies to webcam girls only.

It’s important to have them near you since you want them to be accessible at all times. While you can still walk to the closet to get them, it’s easier to place them in a reachable location.

You can always display them too, so they are visible on the cam. If you don’t have a dedicated space for camming, drawers and closets will do a great job. Just be sure that the toys are clean before you use them and that they don’t collect dust and dirt from the room.

Using Green Screens to Make It More Interactive

We all know what a green screen is. It is what helps create the movie magic. You can use one for your shows as well. Streamers often use green screens to eliminate the background and make the stream more enjoyable.

You can experiment with it, add effects, and make the entire show more exciting. While the green screen is not necessary for a quality show, it can surely help. Of course, it all depends on what kind of show you plan on doing, and some activities will make the use of a green screen nearly impossible.

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Setting Up the Room’s Audio

The final thing on the list is audio. It is highly recommended to get a good microphone so the viewers can hear you without any problems. Some models use laptops and a built-in microphone, and it can really affect the performance. Laptop mics are pretty bad, and they are designed to do one single thing.

If you want to make an incredible show, you will need to consider the audio effects as well. One of the important things to mention is music. You can hardly imagine a show without any music, but the main problem is copyright. If you can, avoid using any copyrighted songs to avoid potential problems with DMCA or any other legal problems.

While free music is not as good as the real deal, you won’t have to worry about lawsuits, bans, or any other type of penalty.

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