Most Important Cam Girl Tips You Need To Know Now

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These tips are for all the new camgirls or current camgirls who aren’t at the level they want to be.

“The Level” = A respectably large following and having regular clients who request private shows and tip during public show. You have a steady stream of income, you don’t have to wonder if you’ll be able to pay next month’s rent.

So, if you already have that, most of this article isn’t for you, and I would suggest jumping to section #5.

This article is also divided into five main sections:

1. DEPRESSING INTRO Hint: It’s not as easy as you think

Unfortunately, the days of signing up, having your “new girl” premiere, and immediately finding whales who will take care of your every whim … are pretty much over. There are a few girls that end up lucky and actually get that, but, honestly, that’s all it is – LUCK. And that’s not something to bet your grocery bill on.

There’s no way around it.

You have to…


The market is WAY out of its infancy and highly saturated. You can’t just log in, post a list of things you do and the prices they cost, and then wait for tippers to pay you to do it. It doesn’t work … and a boring place for customers to be.

First, you must understand the competition.

Which is not only fellow cam girls on the same site, who could be fully-nude the moment someone logs on, but also the hundreds of thousands of FREE videos being uploaded every day … EVERY… DAY. – from bootlegged HD rip-offs to amateur performers who just like being in front of a camera.

THIS is the reality for most of your viewers.

Because of this, your viewer base ends up being three camps – Freeloaders, Potentials, and Regulars.

Man in a t-shirt using a computer. Green plant in backgroundFREELOADERS already have their dicks in their hands. They want shows right then and there that have the girl they like, and they DON’T FEEL THAT THEY SHOULD HAVE TO PAY to wank off. It’s difficult, if not impossible, to get these people to open their wallets.


When you notice certain “freeloaders” coming back again and again… These are the ones you want to focus on.

2. THE THEORY Converting Freeloaders Into Tippers

Imagine you’re at a party. Your walking around, mingling, trying to enjoy yourself with friends…

You meet some hot guy, and the first words out of his mouth are “Damn, baby. You’re hot, come home with me.” Well, if you’re not looking to hook up tonight, you think, “What a dick.”


It’s the same thing when someone finds your cam page and you immediately start asking for money.

I know you’re working hard and showing off your assets, and the last thing you want is to anything for free, but there are so many other models out there doing just that – AND THAT’S YOUR MAIN COMPETITION.

Bare with me here. It will make sense soon.

Why should they tip you?

How do you turn freeloaders into tippers?

HINT: It’s not by continuously asking again and again for money (If that hot guy keeps asking you to take you home, do you think you would go home with him after the 5th ask? What about the 10th?)

The KEY?

These “freeloaders” (let’s call them “potentials” – the freeloaders that keep coming back) need is some type of EMOTIONAL CONNECTION.

What makes people lend money to a friend, spend hundreds of dollars on shit they don’t need, or give to charity?



It’s no different for cam models and their viewers.

Creating a deeper connection is how you’re going to earn the right to ask (and have a higher chance to get) someone’s support.

You’ll see your tip goals being hit faster and faster. They will start tipping you because they WANT to see your shows (assuming you have some type of GOAL show). If you’re doing things right, they’ll be anticipating it all day and won’t want to wait for another person to tip you to hit your goal – because they will want your attention and praise for being the ones to do it first.

SIDENOTE: It’s true some guys get pleasure by paying for something unattainable with little to nothing in return, but those guys usually seek out FEM DOM or FINDOM experts. If you’re not 100% playing that role, then asking to pay for things immediately (if you’re new) won’t work.

Most guys that view your cam are more likely to open their wallets when you seem attainable or an emotional connection is possible.


Top models charge for SNAPCHAT.

I suggest you either make it completely free (all you have to do was snap a selfie while you’re already dressed up) or if your social media apps have a paid membership/fanclub options, make one free and a second one paid – but put good pics on BOTH.

This “free content” lets you do something very important…


Collection of poleroid pictures of attrative women’s body partsIf you plan on having a show at night, start snapchatting in the morning. Tease them ALL DAY with quick snaps.

Taking 3 minutes out of your morning to say something like, “God, I woke up so horny today. Cannot wait for my show later and then rub yourself a little.” (while fully clothed). Talk directly into the camera – subtly make them want more. Take another 3 minutes at lunchtime to snap the panties your wearing etc. Just twenty minutes (total) throughout the day should get you increased viewer rates and more tips.

SO worth the time and effort … for less time it takes you to go to the coffee shop and order an overpriced latte.

The same goes for INSTAGRAM.

Twitter is so freaking crowded that even if you have a million followers, you can post things that get zero response.

Currently, Instagram has so much attention.

If everyone is spending more time/attention on this platform, you should be posting quality images and building anticipation. Treat your Instagram posts like commercials for your brand.

They are scrolling through their Instagram feed and they “see your advertisement”. Check your past posts… how would it make someone feel when they are going through their feed? Is your brand message coming across in the right way? If you’re having a show later in the day, is your “Instagram commercial” making them want to watch it later?


Yes, I know your time is valuable and you don’t want to “give everything away for free”, but spending a few minutes publicly responding to your potentials WILL do something (you can charge for private messages if you want, very reasonable). There’s no need to spend all day chatting, just a simple phrase or emoji can do wonders.WILL do something


Sounds like normal advice, but so many camgirls just sit there with a notice of what they will do for a certain amount of tokens. It’s boring.

Make sure you are prepared and have a fun show ready!

If you have a “Goal Show” and will do [insert sex act here] after a certain amount of tokens, make sure the build-up to that show is also good! You cannot just go from acting bored/uninterested to doing a cum show…

If you have no idea what a good show is … start looking at other top girls. Don’t copy them, but let that give you inspiration.


Your non-tipping viewers are SO close to tipping you.

They have already made it to the cam site and found your room.


Converting them into tippers is easier compared to finding new guys to step into your room. You are already very close to creating an emotional connection and turning this viewer into a supporter. Use this time to interact with your viewers – even if you see they have zero tokens at the moment. YOU can be the first person they ever tip!

Ask them questions, invite them to your Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc… make sure they are following you and will be at your next show.


Calendar page with red and blue pins – Cam girl tip – you must be organized for the love of God, make a schedule!! Treat you shows a TV program.

Have you ever heard of a TV program having a random schedule?! The first week Monday from 7-8 PM, then next week Monday at 4-5PM, then the following week at Tuesday at 9-10am?! Of course not!

Even with technology where it is (TIVO etc.), tv programs STILL have a regular schedule. The only deviation from this is Netflix style TV programs where they release all at once and let you binge watch- – but they still follow some type of schedule (every season is released at a certain time).

If you’re not following a schedule, you’re not allowing yourself to gain regulars who “tune in” at the regularly scheduled programming. If you notice you have fans/clients from different time zones, then split your days. Monday, Wednesday, Friday at one time and then Tuesday, Thursday at another time.

Nobody has time to jump into a show because you feel like doing one. They need to know when and how to find you.

You may not like to hear this, and it’s shattering all your preconceptions, hope, and dreams – but it’s true.


The appeal of this business is the (false) belief that you can “work whenever you want and make thousands upon thousands every month” (sites literally advertise it that way), but in reality, that is NOT true in the beginning.

You need to be serious about this and treat this as the personal business it is.

Nobody goes from the mailroom (fixed schedule) to the CEO position (able to come into the office when they want) without first putting in a lot of consistent hours.

Camming is your own business, but treat yourself as an employee first, not the CEO. When you have the freedom to randomly pop on, you will know. It may take 6 months or it may take 2 years, but if you take this seriously from the beginning, and make the right steps, you should get to that point.


So, you have your camming business, and you’re hopefully working hard at it – but you also need to work SMART.

This means finding ways to passively make money or had additions to what you’re already doing.

Bear in mind, many of these won’t work if you don’t already have a fair-sized following. It’s okay if you don’t have it now. You can keep this in the back of your mind for when you do get there.

Become an affiliate – many sex toy companies offer a percentage if your viewers buy their sex toy products (usually toys that can interact with the model or just model toys that react to tips). Not only will the addition of these toys make your shows more interesting, but it will also add that “attainability” and connection we talked about earlier.


These cam girl tips are just the tip of the iceberg- and hopefully will get you thinking outside of the box.

Every one of you is unique and at a different place in your business, but the bottom line is you cannot mimic what the top models are doing. They are already at the top and have to act differently. They can charge for things that you cannot (SnapChat, IG, etc).

You need to consider your own efforts and see what has been working and what hasn’t been working.

If you just want it to remain casual and only work the hours you want (with no worry about how much money you’ll make), then that’s totally okay!

But if you want to drown in tips, gifts, and cold-hard cash, (as I said before) you MUST put the work in – serious, full-time job hours (or longer).

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