Take a Peek Into the World of a Cam Girl

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A Day in the Life of a Cam Girl

People seem to think that being a cam girl means either living in shameless luxury or shameful despair. The truth, as always, is somewhere in-between. Except there’s no shame — I’m proud of my work.

But I’ve been a can girl and an internet model for quite a few years now, and let me tell you — life isn’t always sunshine and rainbows.

It takes hard work and dedication to be a successful cam girl. Of course, people only want to know about cam girl salary because they think that I’m making millions. I’m not. But then again, the money I’m earning isn’t too shabby.

Although, I’m getting ahead of myself. If you want to know about an average cam girl’s life, keep reading. I’m about to reveal all my dirty, naughty secrets!

Why Did You Decide to Become a Cam Girl?

This question is one I get frequently. And people never ask it reasonably. They are either condescending or color their question with thinly veiled pitty.

I don’t have a sad story. I’ve had a wonderful childhood, my parents loved me (and they still do), and no one abused me. I didn’t go into sex work because I’m damaged. That’s one of the sex work-related stereotypes I loathe with my entire being.

I became a cam girl because I needed extra money during university. It’s as simple as that. The job was easy, and it offered working hours that fit my schedule. Not to mention that the pay was extraordinary (at least for my student self).

Eventually, I finished university and started my Master’s. However, my income was quite impressive for a twenty-something girl with no experience that wasn’t related to camming. So I kept my side job, and, over time, it became my primary hustle.

Being (and staying) a cam girl is my conscious choice. I did the math, and this job provides me with opportunities that a 9-to-5 office job never could.

Plus, it makes me feel desired, sexual, attractive, and wanted. And that’s always a pleasant boost of confidence, isn’t it? Everyone wants to feel that way, and I get it as a part of my benefits package, so to speak.

What Does Your Work Day Look Like? How Do You Prepare Yourself?

Because appearance is crucial in my line of work, I always keep myself tidy. Alright, let’s not beat around the bush (pun intended) — I’m always waxed, plucked, tucked, and everything else. When it comes to body upkeep, I have something to do every day. Be it waxing, exercising, tanning, or simply washing my lingerie and toys — a cam girl’s job is never done!

Well, I kid, of course, but there is a lot of stuff happening behind the scenes that people don’t think about. I don’t just get naked and in front of the camera to play around for eight hours. I have to set my camming area every day, check the lights and mics, position toys, choose lingerie, and, of course, get into the right mindset.

Everything Matters — Especially Lighting

Shoddy lighting that contributes to a granulated image used to be the norm. But today, with ultra HD cameras readily available, the clients want a picture so clear that they feel as if you’re in the room with them. So my camming area has to be optimal. I have multiple light sources and light accessories, such as a softbox.

Not to mention that I have to do my hair and makeup. So all of you who think that being a cam girl is easy can shove it. It takes me over three hours to prepare for a camming session.

After I’ve set my things up, I can start the show. I stream on multiple cam sites that offer the basics (such as chat rooms and private shows). I also use my camming for various side hustles — pic and video selling, for example. Depending on the number of clients and their needs, I can make quite a bit of money.

And speaking of clients…

What Types of Clients Do You Get?

Once people digest the info that I’m a cam girl, they bombard me with questions. They want to know everything about my work and my clients. Are they all ugly, old, and unattractive? Is that why they need to pay a cam girl?

Honestly, the stereotypes are hideous. My clients are mostly regular, average-looking guys (and some girls). I also get a few couples. I usually end up developing a deeper relationship with them.

…Normal People. That’s IT

It’s worth mentioning that not all of my clients book private shows just to see me get naked and debauched.

Sometimes, they simply need someone to talk to and spend time with. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve spent multiple private sessions just listening to my client talk about anything and everything. At times, they need emotional support. Others, they want us to do an utterly non-sexual activity together. And, of course, most of the time, they want to see me doing naughty stuff.

But my point is that my clients are regular people. They aren’t some perverts incapable of forming human connections (as the stereotype would like to depict them).

Of course, there are a few bad apples here and there. Occasionally, the client will ask for something I’m not comfortable with. I generally don’t specialize much, and I’m down for anything that sounds like a potentially fun time.

However, shady roleplaying scenarios with borderline illegal topics with so many details they are scarily accurate isn’t my cup of tea. Yeah, I can roleplay a naughty librarian for you, but not a murder victim — I kind of draw the line at getting murdered (even pretend-murdered).

Digging Deep Into the Technicalities

After people satisfy their morbid curiosity about my “perverted” clients, they usually jump into asking about the technicalities. Now that I understand. I get the desire to get down to the nitty-gritty of any job and figure out the advantages and downfalls.

If I were a lawyer, they’d ask the same questions. And I appreciate that. What are your working hours? How much money are you making? Is it hard, time-consuming, or emotionally draining, and similar? These are legit questions, so I don’t mind answering them.

How Long Is Your Work Day?

I usually work between six and eight hours a day. Of course, I count getting everything and myself ready into those eight hours. Also, the term workday is somewhat misleading as I don’t have regular working hours. Sometimes, I work during the day, at others, during the night. It depends on my clientele.

So, anyway, after I get dressed and set my area, I start camming. The clients begin coming into my chat room, and we either talk or just watch me do stuff. Those of you who got scared when they heard I work for eight hours, rest assured I don’t spend several hours masturbating on camera. My clit would fall off!

No, most of the time, I spend building a relationship with my visitors. Some of them are new, but I usually have a lot of regulars. As I said, I’ve been at this for a while. Some people know when I’m camming, so they join in.

People can tip me with tokens or request a private show. I also do semi-private shows that allow for more than one person. They are real money-makers. Although they don’t bring in as much dough as private shows do, they allow more clients.

How Much Do You Earn Per Night

On average, cam girls can earn anywhere between nothing and $1,000 per night. If you’re just starting, don’t expect $1,000-days to be the norm. But you can expect a steady influx of cash that will gradually increase (if you put some effort into it).

Because I stream on more than one site and have the side hustles I already mentioned, I have an excellent salary that doesn’t require any additional income. I live comfortably with my close-to-six-figures earnings.

Would You Recommend This Job to Everyone?

Well, not everyone. Sure, it isn’t brain surgery, but it’s not easy work. That’s especially true in today’s world of social media and easy accessibility. Being a successful cam girl means having a brand and creating brand awareness.

So you do need to do more than just get in front of a camera. You need to regularly update your social pages, invite people over for private and semi-private shows, share cute pics or videos, etc.

But, more importantly, you have to want to be a cam girl. If you’re not feeling it and are faking the enthusiasm, your audience will catch on quickly. And once they do, there goes your money down the drain. People don’t like being lied to.

Otherwise, there are no prerequisites to being a cam girl. No matter what you look like, how old you are, or what you’re into — you can be a cam girl. There’s a niche for everything.

Sure, getting clients might be a tad difficult if you’re an unorthodox cam girl, but trust me — you’ll get them. Just be your authentic self and love what you do!

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