The Best Twitch Thots of All Time

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For the past few years, Twitch has been an incredibly popular platform for female models and gamers. Some have taken their streams to extreme lengths, and this earned them the status of a Twitch thot. Today, we’ll list the best Twitch thots of all time, and we’ll reveal some of their legendary “Oopsie!” moments! 

What Is a Twitch Thot?

Originally, THOT meant “That Ho Over There.” People used it all over social platforms and in porn to describe sexually promiscuous women. However, the term gained different meanings over the years. Many consider it a meme these days. Yet, with the massive popularity of and its hot streamers, the term has made a full comeback. 

Within the Twitch context, a Twitch thot is a wildly attractive and gorgeous female. She mainly streams herself playing games like “Counter-Strike Global Offensive.” Twitch thots usually use their looks, assets, sexy outfits, and suggestive behaviors to earn more money through tips and subscriptions. Also, most of them are not professional gamers, but there are some exceptions.

Twitch cam girls sometimes have the habit of breaking the rules if they draw too much attention to their bodily features (butts, breasts, and similar). Also, they can get in trouble for behaviors that are against the streaming platform’s guidelines. When this happens, their efforts go viral and make their popularity soar even higher.  

1. Bridgett 

Bridgett Devoue is a playful blonde bombshell, but she got trouble with the platform over “suggestive content.” Twitch banned her for some interesting clothing choices. However, it’s possible that this Twitch thot was simply not aware of some loose Twitch guidelines. She used to wear incredibly short skirts and other revealing clothing while streaming. Bridgett also paid special attention to her cleavage and often showed a massive amount of it.

Even though Bridgett was a successful World of Warcraft player, her Twitch days are over. Still, she’s on TikTok now. Not surprisingly, she quickly gained a huge following.

2. Quqco

Quqco is one of the most innocent-looking Twitch girls. However, she was also banned from revealing too much. Quite often, Quqco streamed in various cosplay costumes, and we all know that Twitch is not a fan of them. 

In fact, some models have been instantly and permanently banned for cosplay, while others have gotten away with hot tub streams, full nudity, and similar. Luckily, you can still follow Quqco on her social media accounts to keep track of her innocent yet naughty personality.

3. MizzyRose

This next-level Twitch thot often put on a body-paint show during her streams. While she demonstrated some amazing skills with a brush, she took it a little too far, and Twitch banned her. 

It’s unclear when Twitch banned MizzyRose. She put out a couple of live streams with her painting all over her naked breasts. If you caught a glimpse of those streams, you would have seen some fantastic body painting inspired by Spider-Man, Supergirl, Mystique from X-Men, and more.

4. AriGamePlays

If you check out the Instagram page of this Mexican thot, you’ll instantly see why Twitch disapproved of her methods. Literally, every single selfie or photo she posts shows off her epic cleavage and juicy booty! AriGamePlays had over 1.3 million followers on Twitch, making her the second most popular female Twitch streamer. Although the platform lifted the ban after 30 days, she doesn’t stream on Twitch anymore. She tried to make her magic on Facebook Gaming but was also banned shortly after streaming. 

5. InvaderVie

InvaderVie is not the most exciting streamer because she is usually dressed in regular clothes, and she rarely dabbles in thottery, unlike the other models on this list. However, she earned her reputation as a top thot solely because she caused some scandals while streaming. 

Namely, she got in trouble for insulting her viewers. InvaderVie had a rant directed at unsubscribed viewers. She insulted them for being poor cheapskates and for not being able to subscribe to her Twitch channel. Nevertheless, most guys go crazy when she shows off her long and elegant legs or even wears a kitty costume. 

6. Amouranth

Kaitlyn Siragusa or Amouranth is one of the most popular streamers on Twitch, and her popularity only increased due to multiple bans. She has a massive following of simps (male subs), and that’s understandable since her Instagram is full of thottery. Nearly every picture shows Amouranth with her legs wide open and her breasts bursting out of her classy lingerie. 

Unfortunately, this pro thot was permanently banned from Twitch. Still, it seems that Twitch was only her side-gig. She mainly uses Patreon to attract fans and generate income. 

7. Alinity

If you’re looking for a dictionary definition of Twitch Thot, look no further than Alinity. In fact, if you look up the term on Urban Dictionary, you’ll see that Alinity is the main definition! But, she also earned a place at the top for other reasons. Alinity did tons of weird stuff to break the rules and commit some serious thottery. She’s also done very bad things (not those kinds of bad things!) to her competition, which makes her a force to be reckoned with. Alinity is hugely popular across the internet, and that may be due to her feud with PewDiePie. What’s more, she exposed herself during her streams, teased guys with her feet, printed her butt, and she even threw her cat at some point. 

Bonus: Pokimane

This gamer girl is the most popular Twitch star, but we haven’t included her on our list because she’s not into the ways of thottery. Pokimane never has “oopsie” moments, and although most of her audience sees her as sexually attractive, she doesn’t tease her streamers’ imagination. Nevertheless, Pokimane deserves an honorable mention because she’s an adorable and intelligent girl who plays League of Legends. Plus, she started streaming back in 2013, and she participated in several pioneering Twitch features like Just Chatting. 

Which Thot Is Your Favorite? 

Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed our list of the dirtiest Twitch thots! Check out some of their content, and have fun! 

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