Voyeurism Fetish Explained

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How much do you really know about voyeurism? Probably as much as any of us. However, do we know the truth, or have we been fed false information? It’s up to you to decide after reading this article.

Being a voyeur doesn’t mean you go around spying on people all the time, getting all excited. Voyeurism can be a healthy kink that you can share with your partners if they’re open to it.

When it comes to this or any other kink, consent is the most important. Consent is what ensures your voyeurism stays an innocent kink and not a criminal offense. You should never go around harassing people for your personal pleasure. Ask for consent instead.

What Is Voyeurism?

If you watch porn, you’re probably a bit of a voyeur yourself. Don’t worry, though. We know that voyeurs get a bad rap, but you can practice this fetish safely.

We’ll explain voyeurism as getting excited by watching someone else partake in sexual acts. You see, being a voyeur doesn’t just mean you’re an old creep who watches people take baths through the peephole.

If you’ve ever enjoyed watching your partner masturbate, you can consider yourself a bit of a voyeur. Voyeurism kink isn’t as uncommon as you might think. That’s why we’ve mentioned porn. Wouldn’t you agree that getting aroused by people having sex on your screen fits our definition of voyeurism perfectly?

That isn’t something you should be ashamed of, though. Many people have different kinks, and it’s not out of the ordinary to get excited by someone doing something sexy.

Consensual vs. Non-consensual Voyeurism

As you can tell by this subtitle, there are different types of voyeurism, which might surprise some. It turns out that not all people go around spying on others like creeps. Some go out of their way to ask for permission, even though it often ends in rejection and judgment.

That’s why it’s essential to understand these two different types. Just so you’re able to handle the situation if your partner ever asks you for something like that. Let’s get into what do these types mean so that we can understand voyeurism better.

Consensual Voyeurism

This is a pretty easy concept to grasp. When something is consensual, it means both parties have agreed to whatever’s about to happen. Of course, consent can be withdrawn at any point. There’s no need to feel bad about it because you’re allowed to change your mind.

Let’s give some examples of consensual voyeurism. In theory, most of the porn, camgirl, and streaming videos can fall within this category. People know that others will watch their videos, which means they have consented to that.

Another example will be if another couple has allowed you to watch them have sex. Consider it a threesome, because you, too, are getting pleasure from it — just in a different way. People who love being watched would make great partners to voyeurs. That’s how both parties get what they want, and everyone is perfectly happy about it.

Non-consensual Voyeurism

This is where we enter the danger zone. This kind of voyeurism is a crime. Yup. Is your name Tom? Because you shouldn’t be peeping without permission. That is definitely something you should never do to anybody, not even your partner.

There are many examples to be given, but we will generalize to shorten the list. Non-consensual voyeurism is when you’re watching anybody engage in sexual activity without permission. Yes, that does include your partner.

Many people have the wrong opinion that, if a person is their sweetheart, they automatically have their consent to pretty much everything. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Your partner can become uncomfortable too, and that’s where a lot of problems can come up.

It’s always important to ask for permission. Otherwise, your ‘innocent peeking’ can become harassment, and you can get in trouble. Don’t be the peeping Tom.

How to Incorporate Voyeurism Fetish With Your Partner in a Consensual Way

Voyeur sex can be fun, but how do you present that idea to your partner? It’s easier than you might think. If you’re an amateur voyeur and have never done this before, it could take some guts to do it. But don’t worry, your partner should understand. Still, you should be ready for both positive and negative answers.

Incorporating voyeur fetish into your relationship starts with a conversation. Start with something simple and see if your partner would be comfortable with you watching them shower. Nothing sexual needs to be happening, at least at first.

Once they get comfortable with that, you can move onto other things. Some of them include watching them masturbate with or without sex toys. It might be easier for them to relax if you role-play it. Then you can turn it into a real thing.

If you are comfortable, you can even bring someone else to have sex with your partner while you’re watching. All of these things are negotiable and require constant talking with your beloved. Things can change pretty fast, so it’s best to ensure you’re always on the same page. Either way, this will spice up your sex life for sure.


Voyeurism isn’t something shameful that you should hide from your potential partners. If you’re insecure about it, you can find ways to be more comfortable. After all, the comfort of both parties is necessary for things like this to work.

There are ways to incorporate all of your kinks into your romantic or sexual relationships. That applies to this as well. Who knows, maybe your partner starts enjoying the voyeur sex way more than you could have imagined.

Kinks are a normal thing to have because we’re all different and enjoy different things. If all else fails and can’t find a partner right now that accepts this about you, you can always trust us that there will be enough porn on the internet for you.

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