Swing Long and Hard — Best Positions for a Sex Swing

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Sex swings are the best thing since sliced bread, Betty White, and lesbian porn. Yes, that’s a weird mashup of awesome stuff, but, what can we say, — sex swings dominate all categories!

Now, there are quite a few people out there who might be underwhelmed by sex swings. “Yeah, they are great in theory, but are actually quite restrictive!”

Listen, sometimes they’re restrictive because they’re meant to be. But, otherwise, if you find that a sex swing is slowing you down or holding you back, you’re simply not using it right.

Yup, we know that’s hard to hear! Sex swings offer so much to us and enrich our sex life in marvelous ways. But we have to be willing to work for it a bit. That’s precisely why we made a list of the best sex positions for sex swings. We get it — sexy furniture can be a bit overwhelming, and perhaps you’d rather stick to your trusty two or three positions that never failed you. 

Well, fear not! All of these sex swing positions are safe and tested (so many times)!

Flexibility, Thy Name Is Sex Swing

Because of their design, sex swings allow for more flexibility than any other gadget. In the sex toy market, versatility and flexibility are paramount, which explains our excitement.

A sex swing allows for both solo and partnered play in various positions. You can masturbate in them, or have your partner penetrate in multiple ways and with varying depth.

Most people think that sex swings only allow for two or three positions at best. However, you can try almost anything with them. 

Want to have your partner pleasure you while you’re standing up? Well, thanks to the foot straps, you can do it! Are you interested in some 69ing and other oral sex positions? Don’t worry — a swing will make it possible for you and your partner to maneuver around each other easily.

A sex swing will even make some positions, like face sitting and teabagging, much more comfortable. These positions can be quite tricky to pull off on the bed (or floor) because you inevitably end up with a body part in your way.

So, some sex positions are more natural in the swing, but which ones are the best?

The Holy Grail of Vaginal Penetration — the Trusty Missionary

If you’ve watched sex swing videos, you’ve probably seen what type of a twist the swing puts on the missionary position. Sure, the missionary is the basic bitch of sex positions, but it’s comfortable and a great place to start if you’re a beginner.

The swing allows for the passive partner to be slightly reclined, which, in turn, provides excellent penetration depth and angle. Remember that G-spot we always talk about? Well, this is one sure-fire way to hit it! The swing also supports the thighs and knees (or ankles, if you’re into the spread-eagle version of the missionary position), making both you and your partner more flexible.

The Glorious Oral

When you’re pleasuring your partner orally, whether you’re eating pussy or giving head, you’re bound to get uncomfortable. If they are standing, then your knees are hurting. Alternatively, if they are lying on the bed, then your neck will end up with a kink. It seems like there are no win-win solutions, right?

Wrong — the sex swing is the solution. Depending on where you put it, you can sit comfortably while your partner is hanging in the swing in front of you. They can relax in the swing and use the foot straps to keep their legs spread wide.


Doggy Style With a Twist

Listen, sex can be quite hard on the knees. That’s especially true if we’re a bit past our wild twenties. The doggy style, one of the ideal sex positions, is quite taxing on both partners’ knees. That’s precisely why it’s not only more comfortable but also more pleasurable when done in a sex swing.

Depending on the type of sex swing you have, you can strike one of quite a few poses. The main seat will support your hips while you’re belly-down in the swing and keep you in the air. If you have a two-seater, then the other seat can support your chest for extra stability. That is a fantastic setup for both vaginal and anal sex because it allows for steady, rhythmic thrusting.

Giddy Up! Who’s the Bottom, and Who’s the Top?

It doesn’t matter if you have a sex swing stand or if your swing is hanging from the ceiling. You can still top your partner. One of the main benefits of a swing is that it allows for this type of power play. In other words, the penetrated partner doesn’t always have to be suspended.

So, aside from being extremely flexible, swings also allow you to take the reins of your sex life and top (and dominate, if you want) your partner. Facesitting (or teabagging) might be easier on sex swings that have a stand because they are closer to the ground. You can have your partner lie down and then use the swing to top them comfortably.


Yeehaw, Reverse Cowgirl!

Both the cowgirl and the reverse cowgirl are ideal positions for sex-swing play. Again, there’s plenty of wiggle room, but the most important thing is that your partner is securely reclining.

Their hips have to be stable because they are kind of holding both of you up. Then you, being penetrated, can either straddle your partner while standing or use the foot straps to keep your legs up. Then you guys can grind from here to Sunday!

When it comes to reverse cowgirl position, keep in mind the weight limits — if your sex swing is dependant on the holes in your ceiling to keep it up,  it might have some issues supporting both of you.

A Few Parting Words

If this hasn’t prompted you to buy or at least make a DIY sex ssing, then nothing will. This technological and design marvel of a sex aid revolutionized the market, and it can do the same for your sex life — you only have to let it!

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