Top Ten Sex Positions To Try On Sex Swings

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Mostly the active partner is in the swing, but it can also be the passive partner in the swing or even both but pay attention to the weight limit.

The active partner can stand, kneel, sit or lie and pamper the passive partner vaginal, oral or anal. The fact that the love swing is flexible and can swing can also be the active partner in the swing.

The passive partner is in different positions in the swing, on the stomach, sitting or on the back, as well as in some positions also on the side.The access to the love swing is possible from all sides, if it is hung so that nothing stands in the way. Since the hands of both partners usually remain free, they can also be included in the lovemaking.

Examples of love swing positions

The love swing requires space and a sturdy ceiling mount so you can have fun with it. Once installed, you will experience completely new positions with her.

How is the love swing structured?

The love swing consists of two straps and two rings. One belt serves as a loan, the other as a seat. The swing is designed to accommodate one or two people at the same time. Put your legs in the rings. So you are lying or sitting in the air. Women get more freedom of movement in the hip area through the rings.

What can you do with the love swing?

Try out the swing and extend a blanket under it for safety. The first time you may slip or accidentally fall off the swing. Your partner can join you in the swing or he stands in front of her. Vary in the movements and positions that allow you to swing. Positions such as the doggy position are also possible in the air. Since the swing can be adjusted in height, you have enough space for fantasies.

The swinging movement allows completely new experiences in lovemaking

Passive attitude in the love swing: the partner is completely delivered and can be spoiled on all sides. Due to the elevated position, the pendulum movement and rotation in the love swing position changes or persevering games without effort possible.

The active partner has countless possibilities: standing up from the front, laterally behind, sitting or kneeling, both hands are always free for various games. No stiff neck, no sore muscles, long lovemaking without high performance, relaxed surrender leg spread with the help of leg loops in the desired height.

The love swing allows positions that are not technically possible in bed, unless two high-performance athletes with Kamasutra Master are united.

The love swing is reminiscent of a children’s swing, which does not have a “seat board”, but two seat loops. So you have a seat loop for each leg / thigh, this has the distinct advantage that man / woman can spread his legs comfortably. This love swing position allows already unimagined possibilities in lovemaking with the love swing. That is the main advantage against the choice of Sex swings vs Sex slings.

What do you have to pay attention to when buying love swing?

Here are different numbersof variants:

The rocking type

The seat sling, which is the most popular sex swing, consists of at least three padded straps and has the purpose of wearing the feet, thighs and buttocks. The straps open into a traverse and the width of the leg straps are already correspondingly apart and the thus spread legs provide the observer with enjoyable insights and easy access. With a seat sling numerous positions are possible.

The sling mat, allows the greatest seating comfort of all variants. It consists of a stiff and heavily padded mat with countless straps, which are worn in the direction of suspension. Although there are limits to flexibility, this is a comfortable sex swing.

The sling board is similar to a sling mat, but consists of a board. It is especially suitable for lying positions. Physically disabled people often opt for the named rocking type because it is very comfortable. Due to the rigid orientation but not as many positions, such as in the seat sling are possible here.

The comfort of the love swing

Depending on how your own sexual preferences are, you should also pay attention to comfort when buying a love swing. prefer the harder gait or love it more gently. Depending on what you should pay attention when buying on upholstery, or additional straps.

The suspension of the sex swing

The suspension of the love swing is possible both on the ceiling and on the door frame. So before you buy, you should think about it here.

The design of the love swing

Here it is necessary to distinguish when buying love swing, whether it is an entry-level product or the addition of my existing play room.

The accessories of the sex swing

If the love swings to be fixed to the ceiling, usually ceilings mount with to be purchased. Please be sure to pay attention to good quality. Depending on the mounting, the load capacity of a ceiling mount varies between 200 and 350 kg. You can choose different kinds of love swing designs by clicking here.

Poses in sex swing

In the sex – swing poses used are classic. Just all the movements are much easier. No load for both parties to the process. The most commonly used positions in the sex swing:

Missionary position: A woman is lying on a swing, and a man is standing nearby. With her legs she can lean on the lines or hug a man. He penetrates her vagina or anus and swings a swing. All movements are made only by his hands. She is completely relaxed and just enjoys.

Penetration from behind: One of the partners lay down on the swings on their stomachs. The second one rises from behind and penetrates the vagina or anus. The hands of the passive partner may even touch the floor or hold the lines. Legs rest on the floor or stool or hang in the air. By spreading your legs or raising and lowering them, you can change the angle of penetration. The active partner simply stands and moves the swing, and not his own body to perform frictions.

Sitting back in the swing is a man in a sitting position. The active partner is attached at the back. This is the ideal position for anal sex. With a properly adjusted height, the movements will be smooth, and the sensations will be magical.

Blow job: Man sits on the swing and relaxes. A woman kneels in front of him. It can move, taking his penis, or you can swing the swing, which will cause him to dive without her participation. Both partners can swing the swing, but it is important to choose a comfortable rhythm.

Cunnilingus: A woman sits on a swing, lying or sitting, with her legs spread wide. The man in front of her sits on his knees. Only he moves the swing, she is completely relaxed.

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