Ben Wa Balls for Better Sex

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Kegel, also known as Ben Wa balls, can be a lot of fun. They can help you with exercises and significantly spice up your sex life. Many women have explored the idea behind these toys over the years, and there are a couple of reasons why you might want to try them out. 

Ben Wa balls or love balls have been around for quite a while, and they can be so much fun and for some, using one is an act of love for their yoni. The design of these sex toys is simple. They are usually small, round, and often hollow with a tiny weight inside. These toys come in various sizes and weights, and they are here to help you increase the strength of your pelvic floor. 

Vaginal weightlifting, as many call it, can be beneficial for your organism both during and after pregnancy. But, Kegel exercises can also help you experience intense orgasms. 

Naturally, each company creating these toys will do something different. But, they all have similar designs and purposes. That is, to help you with strengthening exercises and reaching new levels of pleasure. 

While there is a chance that you were unaware of Ben Wa balls’ effects or their existence altogether, they are centuries old. Today, you can find models with a single ball or two or more balls connected with a harness. 

If you still have any doubts, you can always check out some of the Ben Wa ball videos, where you can see how other ladies do it. That way, you might get some new ideas on how to incorporate them into your sex life. 

Ben Wa Balls for Stronger Pelvic Floor Muscles

Among the main reasons women get these feminine stones is to help them with Kegel exercises. Those include inserting the ball into the vagina and using them for vaginal weightlifting. Once the toy is in, you tighten your muscles and squeeze the ball for a couple of seconds. Then, relax and repeat the process. The important thing you should remember is to focus on pelvic floor muscles only. Don’t tighten the rest of your body!

The reason why these muscles are so important is that they provide strong support for the pelvic organs, and they increase bladder control. During pregnancy, increased body weight will weaken the muscles, and there might be urine leakage whenever you laugh or cough. To avoid that, you will need to strengthen the muscles in the pelvis. 

However, both women and men can do Kegel exercises. For males, it provides support for the bladder and bowel, while for females, it also supports the uterus. But the main difference comes with pregnancy and childbirth. 

There are a couple of other reasons why these muscles might loosen. They are often connected to heavy lifting, straining, age, obesity, and others. 

Kegel exercises are a great way to strengthen your nether regions, and it’s never too early to start. Many believe that they shouldn’t practice if they aren’t pregnant, which couldn’t be more wrong. If you start on time, you won’t need to worry about potential problems later in the future. Finally, if you get a set of Ben Wa balls, the whole process will be a lot easier. 

Finally, Kegel exercises are still possible even if you don’t own a set of Kegel balls. But getting one will make everything more enjoyable. 

Kegel Balls for Better Sex

But using Kegel balls for exercise is just one of many options. Even though these are not your typical adult toys, you can still experience sexual stimulation once you insert them. 

Of course, you can always try moving them in and out. But, you will notice that they will be a lot more effective if you simply leave them inside. These toys will increase the sensation and make everything you do more pleasurable. Whether you are exploring your erogenous zones or rubbing your clitoris, Kegel balls will make it more blissful. You can also try combining them with your favorite vibrator or any other toy you enjoy. 

But that doesn’t mean that the toy is designed for solo use only. You can always have fun with your partner while wearing them. They are great for increasing sensitivity and can help you heat things up. Whether you insert them as a part of foreplay or you wear them on a date, there’s no doubt that your partner will enjoy every second of it. 

Moreover, you can also try using Kegel balls during anal. Since you won’t be able to insert the penis or any other toy into the vagina at the same time (and you shouldn’t!), anal will be an option. You will also be delighted by the fact that the toy can rub against the G-spot when your ass gets penetrated, making everything better. 

However, it might be tempting to insert them into the anus, and you shouldn’t try it. Kegel balls are not for this, and it can be rather uncomfortable. Moreover, they might get stuck inside. So, try resisting the urge to put them in your butt. 


Ben Wa balls have many names. People call them Venus, orgasm balls, Geisha, or Kegel balls, and they have many purposes. They are an excellent way to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, which is especially important during pregnancy. 

But besides Ben Wa ball exercises, the toy can be used for pleasure. You can use them as a part of foreplay, during solo sessions, or for additional stimulation during anal. 

Of course, if you never tried one before, you should probably start with the lightest and smallest models. Once you get used to using it, you can always increase both the size and weight of the toy. 

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