Are There Homemade Alternatives For Ben Wa Balls?

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Because Yoni’s egg allows women to develop a toned perineum, but also to awaken and reveal their feminine potential, let’s unveil the secrets of this mysterious ancestral practice and solutions of Ben wa balls falling out.

Choose the right size

In Sanskrit, the Yoni is the female genital organ but it is also the symbol – represented in Hinduism by the goddess Shaki – of creative power, feminine energy.

In Ancient China, only high-ranking women, that is, empresses and concubines, lent themselves to a Taoist practice of introducing into their sex a Jade egg or wooden egg to reach, through to exercises of contraction / relaxation, to a perfect control of their vagina. The objective of this practice was certainly to satisfy their sexual partner, the Emperor but especially to increase their own feelings of pleasure during the act of love! Recently, this practice has been rediscovered in Europe by women who are interested in their femininity. So what are the benefits of these very feminine stones? There can be instances of Ben wa balls falling out and you need to be perfect there.

Sexuality of life and survival sexuality

The humanity has experienced sexuality survival since ancient times to preserve the species through reproduction. It required, speed thus excitation, efficiency thus ejaculation of the man. The rest mattered little.

Today, humanity is no longer breeding but the evolution of the human being by the awareness of his actions and the opening of his heart. The sexuality of survival is no longer adapted and we are at the stage of experimentation of a Sexuality of Life more respectful of our sensibilities.

Dare to change our benchmarks

To open ourselves to this news (even if some currents like authentic Tantra have always practiced it) sexuality, it is essential to let go of our landmarks: lust (desire to obtain something), excitement, tension, performance.

We each have to discover the paths of our own pleasure (alone or in contact with each other) before we can cultivate it while being in communion with the pleasure of the other. So everyone becomes responsible for his pleasure and his process, so his sexuality.

This leads us to cultivate openness, presence, and gentleness, slowness to allow our sensitivity to awaken and express itself. It is through it that we change our state of consciousness and connect to what is beyond us.

The practice of the Jade egg

The Jade Egg is a simple way for the woman to cultivate what professionals’ calls “intimate blooming “. It is a way for her to take care of her intimacy, her sex, to repair painful memories, to circulate her sexual energy which is none other than our life energy.

It is not the Jade egg that will allow this (even if the Jade has purifying virtues) but the way the woman will go to her sex, to her intimacy.

Preparation for this date

This preparation is essential, otherwise the woman risks perpetuating habits of penetrations in force or other.

In the video below, Karine guides me to discover breathing and different parts of my perineum. It allows me to bring my consciousness into this area of my body, to gently awaken it by simple and slow movements, to circulate the sexual energy and to open my body to meet the egg.

It can also be practiced simply without leading to the practice of the egg. It is indeed a great way to contact the muscles of your perineum, to activate them gently, to inhabit your body until then! For more info about ben wa balls, visit here.

Taming the Jade Egg

The rest of this video, in which Karine offers us an approach to this practice, is on the site of the Summit of the Sexuality of Life.

The fundamental point will be to take the time to tame the egg and allow our vulva; our sex opens to meet him. The way we act then tells us about ourselves, our ways of doing things with our bodies, with life. Do we take the force; do we take the time to really listen to ourselves?

The yoni egg is therefore a tool in search of femininity. It is traditionally made of jade stone but the one I received from my partner is pink quartz. If you know the powers of this stone, you know that it makes it possible to be reconciled with oneself gently.

This egg is beautiful, but it is true that when found in the palm of his hand, one wonders where to start. So psychologically putting a stone inside oneself is destabilizing.

So you have to take the time to talk to him, it helps to appropriate it. A bit strange as a concept but it plays down the situation a bit which is nothing dramatic in fact. Use it in the shower to be as relaxed as possible and I do breathing exercises “inspires” and “expires” in order to feel my muscle contract and relax.

You just have to watch what’s going on inside you. I really feel more toned and feel better about my body. It is really important after childbirth to find the body that is completely torn and turned upside down.

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