7 Things To Consider When Looking for a Butt Plug Lubricant

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Lubricant is the most important ingredient of successful anal play and anal penetration. While anal stimulation can produce intense and unforgettable orgasms for both women and men, it requires a lot of careful preparation. A high-quality lubricant will help with any pain, and it will maximize your pleasure, especially if you use butt plugs. 

However, not all lube is ideal for butt plugs, and some can actually be harmful to the rectum and any sex toys that you may own. So how should you choose a suitable anal lube for your butt plug? Here are six things to consider when making a purchase!

Why Lube Is Important

Lubricant is a must-have product for any anal session, and there are several reasons why it’s essential to own a bottle or more. Firstly, the anal area is extremely sensitive. Unlike the vagina, it doesn’t produce any natural fluid to lubricate itself. That means that any penetration or external stimulation will feel incredibly dry. Thus, trying things without lube will cause a lot of issues. Even if your butt plug looks small and comfortable, you shouldn’t forget to use lube.

Discomfort is almost always going to happen if you go in dry. That applies to both fingering and penetration. A lack of lubricant can also result in small tears or injuries, not just pain. These tears could cause infections or further complications. Luckily, knowing how to use lube and taking things slowly will not result in any injury, and you’ll be safe to proceed with your backdoor experiments. But, before you spring for the first lube product you see, it’s essential to learn which one would suit your booty and your butt plug the best. 

How Often Do You Need to Apply Lube? 

For pain-free anal, it’s best to apply it to the entire area surrounding your butthole. Additionally, this area and the inside of the rectum can absorb lube rather fast. That’s why you’ll have to focus on products that are created specifically for anal sex. A thicker consistency and frequent application are required. It’s also vital to apply lube on your toy and not just your body.

Furthermore, it’s essential to note that not all lubes last long. Some can dry out quicker than others. For anal penetration and toys like dildos, it’s best to apply as much lube as possible. You’ll need to push these toys in and out of your ass, after all. This motion and the speed at which you perform it will make the lube dry out faster. Therefore, you should re-apply lubricant quite frequently during penetration with dildos, vibrators, and cocks. 

However, if your focus is only on butt plugs, you won’t have to use as much. You only need it during insertion and removal if you plan to wear a butt plug for a certain amount of time. When you decide to push it in, apply lube to your asshole and the tip of the toy. Before removal, add lube around the base of the plug and take it out slowly. You would need to apply more if you use an inflated butt plug. As you can see from  https://loveplugs.co/collections/inflatable-butt-plugs, these inflatable butt plugs can be inflated really big, so applying more won’t hurt (no pun intended).

Water-Based Lube

The water-based type has a very thick consistency, which makes it an ideal lube for anal play. Another advantage of it is that it’s water-soluble and easy to clean, which is especially important for anal. Additionally, this makes them quite safe. Generally, a water-based product is the best lube for silicone toys. 

What’s more, many water-based lubricants are unscented and hypoallergenic. That will decrease the risk of allergies, irritations, as well as messy stains. Even though they are highly versatile, the disadvantage of these types of lubrication products is that they are rich in water. That means they can dry up quickly, which, in turn, means you’ll need to re-apply them frequently. Nevertheless, they are safe for most condom types.

And if you’re tried one before and had it dry up while stored inside the bottle, there’s an easy way to make it usable again. You can simply put a bit of water inside the bottle, and it will revert to its original form!

Oil-Based Lube

This type of lube is very slick and smooth. They are long-lasting, and only small quantities are enough to ensure proper lubrication. Moreover, their thickness and durability make them great for anal play. In addition, oil-based lubricants do not contain a lot of additives, which means they are quite healthy. However, they have a major weakness, which could make you look for another product. 

Namely, you can’t use them together with various materials. Avoid them if you use anal toys made from PVC, latex, or rubber as the lube can cause a reaction that can destroy these materials. Unfortunately, as pleasurable as they are, oil-based lubes can also damage condoms or make them slip. Another downside is that they can leave stains quite easily. Nevertheless, if you’re only using them with a butt plug made of metal and other compatible materials, this lube will be great!

Silicone-Based Lube

Much like the previous, silicone lubricant also lasts long and is ideal for long anal sessions. You can use it with latex, which means condoms will not be compromised. However, this lube can also cause a problem when combined with some adult toys. If you use this lube on silicone toys, they’ll break down and disintegrate. That can be quite dangerous if the toy is inside you as it starts to decompose. 

On the other hand, this type is hypoallergenic, which means it won’t cause any skin irritations. If you love the feeling of silicone lube and are worried about your toys, it’s worth noting that those made out of other materials will not be harmed by it. Therefore, if you’ve got a silicone butt plug as well as one made out of steel, you can use silicone lube on the steel plug. Conversely, use water-based lube on the silicone plug.

What to Avoid When Choosing a Lubricant

When it comes to picking a new lubricant, the worst mistake you could make is to buy the wrong product. You should only choose a lube that you can use internally. Avoid thinking that any type of creams, oils, or other products that you already have in the bathroom will suit your butt plug. Stick to the lubricant types we’ve outlined above, and if you’re worried about skin irritations, try to avoid scented or flavored products. 

Other lubes with warming properties could also contain additives that may not play well with your skin. The safest bet is to pick a water-based lube since it contains the least amount of unnecessary chemicals. 

However, if you are looking for an anal-only lube, the other types we’ve mentioned will also be perfect. Another helpful tip would be to avoid products with unhealthy ingredients like parabens, petroleum, glycerin, phenoxyethanol, etc. Lastly, always clean your butt plugs and intimate areas after your session with water and mild soap. 


Hopefully, this article has shown you the main pros and cons of various lubricant types and why you should use them with your butt plugs. So order some lubricant, slather it over your sexy butt plug, and get ready for some intense orgasms!

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