Health Problems That Prostate Massage May Cure

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The male G-spot or, more precisely, the P-spot has been the source of great sexual pleasure to men for centuries. You might think that men have only recently stuffed their collective little fingers up their asses in an effort to reach the glorious heights of a prostate orgasm. The truth is that anal orgasms have been a thing for a lot longer.

And yet, as mind-blowing as they are, prostate orgasms aren’t the only thing your prostate can provide. Research has shown that massaging the prostate has some unexpected health benefits. Unfortunately, it also doesn’t come without its risks. 

Some people even go as far as to say that regular prostate massages, whether by hand or with a prostate massaging device, can reduce the risk of prostate cancer. While there are no studies to corroborate this, regularly massaging this glorious little gland is still sound medical advice.

Well, who would have thought that the road to natural prostate health is paved with orgasms! Men really are lucky!

The Prostate Gland — Why It’s Such a Big Deal

We all know by now that the male G-spot isn’t as elusive as the female one. For starters, it has a definite position in the male body. You’ll find it smack middle between the root of your dick and your bladder. If you haven’t dabbled in the dark arts of anal play, you might be scared that you won’t find the prostate. But don’t be. It’s the size of a walnut and has a specific structure that’s easily recognizable under your fingertips.

The prostate is important because it surrounds the urethra. This organ is vital for proper health because it ejects both urine and semen out of the body. As we’ve mentioned, the prostate is usually the size of a walnut. However, that’s only true if it’s healthy. Enlarged prostate that gets swollen or clogged can squish the urethra and make peeing, jizzing, and generally playing in the area quite painful.

The prostate is responsible for around 70% of your manly spunk, and if it gets swollen or clogged, you might experience some issues with jizzing. That’s one of the reasons for keeping the prostate in optimal health. 

Health Issues That Regular Prostate Massage Can Help With

If the prostate is swollen or if there’s a build-up of fluid, a prostate massage can help relieve some pressure on the urethra and the bladder. It’s quite simple — you apply pressure to relieve pressure. Direct internal stimulation is the best way to milk the prostate and massage it (although external prostate massage can also help a great deal). 

Given its importance, it’s no wonder that many men are continually researching how to improve prostate health. Well, you’ll be happy to hear that one of the solutions is — with orgasms. 

Acute and Chronic Prostatitis

The swelling we mentioned is unfortunately so common in men that it has its own name — prostatitis. It can be acute, which isn’t such a big deal, or it can be chronic. Trust us when we say, chronic prostatitis is the most significant pain in the ass ever! Well, the pain will, more precisely, be located in the urethra rather than your ass. Chronic prostatitis, aside from being painful, will also make your urine flow pitiful, and each visit to the little boy’s room will be a torrid and tedious affair.

One of the main benefits of prostate massage is swelling reduction. By gently nudging the gland with our fingers or a prostate massager, we’re lifting up its spirits, so to speak and making it release some of the fluid it’s been selfishly keeping where it shouldn’t have been. 

Erectile Dysfunction Issues

Over 50% of men experience one form of erectile dysfunction in their life. Therefore, let’s stop beating around the bush here! We can’t keep going around saying, “Oh, no, that would never happen to me, my dick would never betray me like that!”

Of course, it would. Let’s face it — dicks are jerks, and if we don’t pay attention to our reproductive health, those jerks can cost us our beloved erections. Luckily, there’s no reason to panic. Erectile dysfunction isn’t the most comfortable issue to deal with, but prostate massage can help.

Of course, prostate stimulation isn’t the primary solution. Men who struggle with this issue take various medications and even use implants and pumps. You can’t really lose much by exploring the land down under because prostate massage can lend a much-needed helping hand. It can both induce and maintain an erection. 

What’s more, if you’re struggling with painful ejaculation, prostate massage will be your next best friend. Painful ejaculation is usually the result of fluid blockages, and milking your Bliss Headquarters will surely help.


Poor Urine Flow and Overall Urinary Tract Issues

A swollen prostate is nobody’s friend. It’s just a nuisance. That doesn’t mean it’s a problem that you can’t deal with. A bit of pressure goes a long way and solves, frankly, a lot of urinary issues. Swollen prostate that leans heavily on the urethra causes poor urine flow, painful urinating, and various other problems.

Prostate Massagers — Revolutionary or Redundant?

Now, you might be one of those trigger happy men that hears that prostate stimulation should help him, so he vigorously stimulates it in the hopes of restoring its (and his own) former glory.

Life doesn’t work like that, my friend. Prostate massages shouldn’t be reminiscent of porn scenes. You shouldn’t press the living bejeezus out of your poor Bliss Headquarters. A proper prostate massage needs to be gentle and precise.

That’s why it’s a good idea to use a prostate massager. First of all, navigating the dark channel of doom with your fingers might be uncomfortable. Not to mention that you’re one hangnail away from an extremely unpleasant situation that will inevitably result in some pretty wild and abhorrent bowel movements. Therefore, choosing a device that’s specifically designed for prostate massage might be a wiser choice.

Are Prostate Massage Benefits Really That Great?

Prostate massage can only help you. However, it might not be in the ways you need it to. Of course, given that prostate milking usually ends with a pretty powerful orgasm, it’s not like you’ll be left with a handful of nothing. However, prostate massages might not always be the best solution for your problem.

For example, if your prostate is swollen because of some form of prostate infection, then a massage can only do so much. You need to go to your doctor and get some antibiotics in you ASAP. 

It’s also vital to note that we shouldn’t abuse our prostates. Too many vigorous and overly excited massages can lead to injuries, general soreness, or exacerbating the existing condition.

Also, just because we know that a prostate massage might help with something, that doesn’t mean that we suddenly became medical professionals. Just because you know how to milk your own prostate doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t check the reason you need milking in the first place. So when experiencing issues of any kind, always go see a professional that will properly diagnose you.

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