Video Call Sex Tips for LDR Couples

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Video sex chat is becoming more and more common as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. Many couples are stuck on opposite sides of the world, and it’s getting harder to keep intimate relationships going and have successful long-distance sex.

Luckily, we have some naughty sex and relationship advice for LDR couples that will help you out. So keep reading to learn about the best video chat sex tips!

Someone You Trust

For starters, every relationship requires trust. If it’s a long-distance relationship, then that trust is even more vital. When it comes to webcam sex, chatting, or sharing nudies, you shouldn’t do it with a stranger or someone you don’t trust. There are several reasons for this.

Namely, someone could hurt you personally if they break your trust. But it’s also crucial to watch out while doing anything naughty online with someone unreliable.

In the worst case, they could record your session or take screenshots to expose you somehow. That could cause many problems in your personal life. If you’re just too horny and cyber-sex is the only way, you could still do it without exposing your face or any personal identifiers.

Sext Ahead of Time

Video call sex is different than actual sex because it requires different foreplay. If you want to build up to a hot and intense session, it’s better to tease your partner first with some sexting. See 15 hottest foreplay ideas.

The benefit of sexting is that you can do it during the day to get your partner’s imagination running. You could tempt him or her with some dirty talk and tell them how horny you are. You could also take some hot selfies (clothed or nude) to get your partner excited. That will build anticipation before your date night. You can even try some phone sex beforehand. Then, when you’re ready for the video call, both of you will be dying for a hot webcam sex session.

Prepare Your Room

You could also try to fix up your surroundings and create a romantic and sexy atmosphere.

First, find a spot away from windows so that you could have some privacy. Also, if you’re a bit noisy, pick the best room where your neighbors won’t be able to hear you. Then, it’s time to choose the best and most comfortable spot.

You can even do that beforehand and try a practice run with your camera. That way, you’ll find the best place that will complement your body. What’s more, think about the lighting of the room and any sort of accessories like candles.

Get in an Erotic Mood

This tip will depend on what turns you on. As we’ve said, sexting beforehand will work great. But, it could also work during your session. For example, you could only chat with your SO or talk to them without any video. That could tease you both, and it could get you riled up even before you switch the camera on.

Of course, you could also masturbate or tease yourself before your call to get in the mood. What’s more, it may be a good idea to take a shower to relax. After that, you can pick out some sexy clothes that your partner will like. Also, don’t feel embarrassed to act naughty or sexy.

Dirty Talk

Since you can’t touch your partner during Facetime sex or Skype sex, your best bet will be to use a lot of dirty talk. This tip will work superbly because it has no limits. You can say whatever you want to get your partner excited!

For example, if you have any fantasies like roleplay, just use dirty talk to explore them. You can talk through your microphone, or you can text. Either way, the possibilities are endless. You can tease your partner and tell them what to do or what you wish to do to them. Also, it may be an excellent idea to discuss that with your partner beforehand so that you don’t catch them off guard. Then, if you want to unleash your inner porn star, just go for it!

Use the Camera

If you don’t know how to position yourself on camera and look hot, it could ruin your session. But don’t despair just yet. You can simply do some research. For example, you can look into tons of sexy webcam videos to see the best positions and angles for women and men. It will take some practice, but if you use your camera adequately, you could give your partner some mind-blowing orgasms.

However, it’s also crucial to think about your limits. Do you want to show your partner some close-ups of your pussy or cock? Or do you want them to see your full body? Remember that the camera will work with you. You don’t always need to zoom in on your genitals. You could even try all sorts of positions and show off your body from the back and front. Your partner could also love it if you brought any sex toys or kinky accessories into the mix.

Guys Finish Last

And, most importantly, video chat sex can be weird if only one partner cums. The other person will not be able to get off fully or even cuddle with their partner afterward. If you’re a man, you should treat your video sex session just like a real-life experience. That means you shouldn’t cum too early and pass out right after. It’s true what they say; nice guys do finish last!

Fortunately, it may be easier to hold out on cumming because your partner will not touch you physically. You also won’t be penetrating them, which means that you will be in full control of your orgasm. That’s why you should take things slowly and not pleasure yourself too quickly. Focus on your partner and make her cum first, and that will also intensify your orgasm!

Final Thoughts

As we’ve mentioned, LDR Couples could have a hard time during the coronavirus crisis. Nevertheless, our tips will help you have an intense video chat session and enhance your sex life. So set a time that suits you both, get in the mood, and have fun!

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